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Chicago, Illinois 105 E. Delaware Place, Chicago, Illinois - 60611

Chicago Landmarks Before The Lens

For history and photography buffs, there is nothing quite like "Chicago Landmarks Before The Lens". The handiwork of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, the ongoing exhibition takes place at the Chicago Cultural Center. You'll be treated to more than 70 black-and-white photographs of two dozen landmarks and historic districts from the mid-1950s through the late 1980s. Photographers include Richard Nickel, Bob Thall, Stephen Beal and Barbara Crane. One of the Chicago landmarks you'll feast your eyes upon is the Delaware Building, which was part of the extensive rebuilding that took place after the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. The Italianate architecture of this renowned Chicago landmark never ceases to inspire all those who catch a glimpse of it. There is no cost to enter the Chicago Cultural Center, which is open seven days a week.

One of the Windy City's most popular attractions, the Chicago Cultural Center is also a landmark building featuring two spectacular stained-glass domes. One is the largest stained glass Tiffany dome in the world. It's 38 feet in diameter and contains about 30,000 separate pieces of glass. The building, which was built in 1897, was originally the home of the public library. It became the Chicago Cultural Center in 1991, the first and most complete free public cultural site in America. In addition to the "Chicago Landmarks Before The Lens" exhibition, the Center hosts an array of concerts, dance recitals, and plays along with movies, art exhibits, family events and lectures. At the heart of these events are local, regional and national musicians, performers and artists. Learn more at

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