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COVID-19 Update

Travel Advisory:


Chicago Travel Advisory Alert

The City of Chicago recently announced an incoming travel advisory that requires all individuals traveling from states with a case rate greater than 15 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 resident population, per day, over a 7-day rolling average, quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within a covered state. 

Current States on the List (as of September 25): 

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin  Please refer to for additional resources and updates.


Customers should review all federal, state, and local travel guides to confirm eligibility to travel. Due to government restrictions on travel, reservations may be subject to cancellation.


Should you become ill during your stay, please self-isolate, contact the Chicago Department of Public Health and notify the front desk immediately. We will promptly undertake additional COVID 19 protocols for your safety and the safety of other guests and employees.

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Please note: This page will be updated as needed. Policies, protocols and procedures are subject to change without notice. This is the most updated section of our website.  This page will list all services that are unavailable at the present time.  As services are returned to normal, you will find the updates here.  Please note, there may be areas on our website that have not been updated so please accept this page as the most up to date and any contrary data you may find on our site is outdated.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Whitehall Hotel is providing limited services.  Currently, our restaurant, Fornetto Mei, including all associated services like morning coffee, minibar, and room service, are suspended until further notice.  Prior to your arrival date, please contact us for status updates for any additional changes that may be in place.


During this unprecedented time, we have temporarily modified our booking policies. Any reservation made prior to June 1st, 2020, and scheduled to arrive by August 31st, 2020, can be cancelled without penalty. You must still cancel your reservation, or you will be charged one-night room and tax, or for Non-Refundable / Advanced Purchase reservations, you will forfeit the entire advance deposit and will not be refunded any amount. Please check back for updates.


Employee & Guest Health



Washing Hands & Hand Sanitizer


CDC guidelines govern employee procedures and protocols regarding handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer.  Handwashing with soap is our preferred method, but we have installed alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations throughout our work areas. 


Face Masks


During all times when in contact with guests and/or other employees, our employees must wear face masks.  Guests are required to wear masks when in public areas such as the lobby, elevators, any entrance and in the front of our hotel when you are unable to keep a safe 6 feet away from others.


Employee & Guest Health Concerns


Responding swiftly and reporting to local health officials any presumed cases of COVID-19 at the hotel property is a staff-wide requirement.  Employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will remain home or will be sent home.  While at work, employees who notice a co-worker or guest exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will immediately contact a manager.


Employee’s Responsibilities


General well-being checks of all employees are carried out daily.


Employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will remain home or will be sent home.  While at work, employees who notice a co-worker or guest exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will immediately contact a manager.


Confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be immediately reported to local health authorities.  The confidentiality of the guest or employee will be protected as required by the ADA and HIPAA.




All employees have received COVID-19 training including facility sanitation protocols recommended by the CDC.  We frequently remind, retrain, and enforce our protocols with our staff.


Face Coverings and other protective steps

We follow CDC recommendations along with federal and local government regulations dictating the use of appropriate use of face covering, glove use, physical distancing, and cleaning/disinfecting.  These steps along with the use and disposal of PPE is posted and available to all our employees.


Cleaning and Disinfecting Products and Protocols


Public Spaces


Surfaces frequently touched by multiple people are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.  Areas like the front desk counters, elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys, and pens are disinfected regularly multiple times throughout the day.  In the case of key cards and pens, they are disinfected after each use.


Guest Rooms


Cleaning and disinfecting protocols require that particular attention is paid to high-touch, hard 

non-porous items such as television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, water faucet handles, nightstands, telephones, light switches, thermostats, alarm clocks, luggage racks and flooring.



Linens, towels, and other laundry will be washed in accordance with the CDC guidelines, including washing items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Back of the House

Cleaning and disinfecting of all high touch areas occurs in accordance with CDC guidelines, including at least twice per shift in high traffic areas.

Hotel Guest Elevators

Buttons, button panels, hard surfaces in elevator cars will be disinfected multiple times each day.


Physical Distancing


Physical Distancing & Queuing


As recommended by the CDC’s physical distancing guidelines, guests should practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from others not traveling with them.  Please monitor markers on the floor for appropriate distancing.


Guest Rooms


In anticipation of individual concerns of guests, the housekeeping staff will not enter a room during a stay unless specifically requested, or approved, by the guest, or to comply with established safety protocols.  Housekeeping will maintain the practice of cleaning and disinfecting rooms thoroughly following check-out.


Meeting and Event spaces


Meeting and Event spaces are currently closed


Valet Parking


Valet Parking is currently unavailable, self-parking options are available.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 312-944-6300

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